Take Your Catering Clients on a Global Culinary Tour

Culinary Specialties offers caterers premium quality products that are easy to pass along to your clients without sacrificing consistency, safety, and taste. Another thing we offer to our partners is a global cuisine that clients crave for their special events. Here are just a few examples of the global cuisine we can provide.

  • Mexican – While we offer the flavors of the American southwest, we also create more traditional Mexican menu items like nopales. Are you worried your clients aren’t ready for cacti in their meals? Try our arepas that pair nopales and mozzarella for a tasty combo.
  • Moroccan – We take elements common in the US diet while adding the flavors of north African cuisine. Our Moroccan phyllo beef cigars will read as a spring roll to the typical event attendee while delivering a unique flavor profile.
  • Indian – India is known for highly seasoned meals that pack a flavor punch. For a vegetarian option, we present our vegetable pakora. You can meet the needs of clients who favor a plant-based diet while also offering a south Asian flavor profile.

These are just a few examples of menu items that appeal to the ever-expanding global tastes of the modern generation.

Partner with Culinary Specialties for Your Appetizer Needs

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