Stock Up on Appetizers the Family Will Love 1

Stock Up on Appetizers the Family Will Love

Whether you are stocking up on food in case you need to quarantine, or you are preparing for your first party after the pandemic, it’s always a good time to fill the freezer with your favorite starters. Here are a few suggestions that we think your family will love.

  • Breaded Appetizers – Do you love breaded appetizers but hate the mess of frying? Our heat and serve appetizers are bakeable, so you get all the delicious flavor without the messy kitchen. Customers love our beef corn dogs, coconut shrimp skewers, wild mushroom arancini, and many other delightful selections.
  • Puff Pastry Starters – It is tough to think about appetizers without calling to mind little cocktail franks wrapped in puff pastry. Our Pigs in a Blanket are just what you’ve been craving! We also offer other delicious options like wild mushroom en croute or brie and apricot en croute for those searching for a meatless option.
  • Asian Appetizers – From Rangoon and wantons to potstickers and spring rolls, we feature all of your favorites. Our Duck and Vegetable Lumpia are a delicious take on spring rolls from the Philippines. One bite, and you may never think of spring rolls the same way again!

Feed Your Family the Best Without the Mess

Culinary Specialties eliminates the extensive prep work and messy cleanup that keep most people from attempting the types of starters we’ve discussed in our article today. If you want to take the easy route without sacrificing taste, check out our online retail shop, and find the flavors your family is sure to adore.