Revolutionizing Heat and Serve Hospital Food

Revolutionizing Heat and Serve Hospital Food

How do most patients think of hospital food? They imagine a lump of meat under some thick brown gravy, some microwaved frozen vegetable that is either overcooked or too cold, a dry roll, and a brownie that seems like it’s made from plastic. If that’s the kind of criticism you get from patients or even your staff, Culinary Specialties has the solution.

We specialize in easy to heat and serve meals that offer customizable options to meet the needs of your hospital patients. From stuffed chicken and personal-size wellingtons to roulades and delectable vegetarian meals, your patients will be delightfully surprised at the quality and freshness they are tasting.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Meals for Hospitals

The secret is out IQF prep method which makes it easy to reheat individual meals. The quick freezing process also locks in the colors and flavors of the food. That means foods taste great, but that they also retain a lot of the nutritional value of fresh food, which can be another important factor when a patient is recovering.

Culinary Specialties is proud to offer all of our entrees, salads, pastas, and sides with customizable options. Do you have patients who are gluten sensitive? No problem! We have tons of tasty options, and we list the allergens, so you know which major ones are in each food item.

Are you ready to up your hospital’s food game? Call Culinary Specialties today at 760-744-8220 or check out our options and request a quote online.