Reduce Hotel Food Costs and Increase Quality with Culinary Specialties 1

Reduce Hotel Food Costs and Increase Quality with Culinary Specialties

As people begin to return to travel, you want to be sure that any foods you offer at your hotel are high-quality without seriously impacting your budget. Culinary Specialties can help. Whether you are looking for breakfast foods, new menu items at a restaurant, a way to bolster your room service menu, or appetizers to serve at the hotel bar, we manufacture food items that can meet your needs.

Using IQF (individually quick frozen) foods allows us to offer quality food to hotels across the country. These meals are easy to heat and serve. We source our food from many local growers, and the quick freezing process locks in freshness. We also use sustainable practices at our food prep facility. So these are good options for hotels trying to minimize their footprint.

We apply FDA and USDA guidelines to ensure the food we ship to our clients is safe. We also monitor FDA and CDC recalls ensuring that no contaminated items slip through. We want to help your hotel get back on its feet, and delivering great food that doesn’t cost a bundle is a nice way to enhance the experience for your guests while also boosting your profits.

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We strive to keep our finger on the pulse of the hotel food scene. So whether your guests want to enjoy a global cuisine or a special diet (such as gluten-free or vegan), we are here to help. Give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online.