Premium Wholesale Foods for the Hospitality and Healthcare Sectors 1

Premium Wholesale Foods for the Hospitality and Healthcare Sectors

Culinary Specialties is proud to offer premium heat and serve foods at wholesale prices to two of the industries that were hardest hit during the pandemic. From hotels to hospitals, Culinary Specialties is committed to providing premium quality food at affordable prices throughout the pandemic and beyond.

What Did You Miss? Some of Our New Offerings for 2021

We’re always revamping our menu to provide the best flavors. From airlines to country clubs, these are some of the menu items to highlight throughout the rest of the year.

  • Acorn Squash – Our acorn squash stuffed with ratatouille is a big hit with vegetarian and vegan audiences.
  • Avocado Lumpia – Avocado and cream cheese create a creamy interior texture for these lumpia. They are seasoned to perfection and wrapped in an authentic wrapper for a modern spin on a classic Filipino food.
  • Basil Pesto Chicken Sate – Tender chicken breast is skewered and marinated in a delicious basil pesto for a perfect Mediterranean treat.
  • Breakfast Turnover – Customize your size to provide the ultimate breakfast treat. Eggs, mushrooms, ham, and swiss are wrapped in puff pastry for an easy grab-and-go breakfast option.

Fulfill Your Menu Needs with Stellar Food at Wholesale Rates

From a hospital cafeteria to a hotel restaurant, our menu items are meeting the needs of the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Give us a call today at 760.744.8220 to get your order started, or you can request a quote online using our contact form.