Manufacturing Safe Food During COVID-19 and Beyond

Manufacturing Safe Food During COVID-19 and Beyond

Any food manufacturer and distributor should already have measures in place to ensure product safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this to the fore even more so, with the meat shortage being blamed on the spread of the disease at packing plants. Here are a few musts to look for in a food manufacturing and distribution company.

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) – GMPs are defined as controls and practices that are designed for the proper sanitation of a food processing facility. Following these regulations ensures that the food that comes off the line is safe to eat. Of course, the FDA, USDA, and many other governing agencies in the US set guidelines to help food manufacturers to meet and exceed the required standards.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) – The HACCP is a seven-step procedure for identifying and managing potential hazards. By following the process, food manufacturers can identify potential issues in advance and avoid them rather than having to issue an apology later when a preventable incident has already resulted in the spread of illness.

Besides these concepts, it is also critical to make use of third-party safety audits and micro testing on finished products. Where can you turn for the safest food for your healthcare facility, airline, hotel, or other organization?

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