Make More Money Selling Food at Your County Club 1

Make More Money Selling Food at Your County Club

Country clubs are well-known for offering food options to members. It is expected. But that doesn’t mean it is a simple amenity that you shouldn’t make any money on. You need a few elements to turn this part of your business into a profitable element. You need to reduce costs while keeping quality high. Culinary Specialties can help. We do this by manufacturing individually quick frozen (IQF) meals. Why is the IQF process your key to making more money on the food you sell to members?

  • Easy to prepare – IQF foods are easy to heat and serve to the right temperature every time. This allows you to save money in the prep area without losing quality.
  • High-quality – The quick freezing process locks in both the taste and appearance of fresh foods. So as long as you work with a manufacturer who uses this process and hand prepares meals using fresh, local ingredients, you have the recipe for delicious and appealing meals.
  • Wholesale prices – When you add wholesale prices into the mix, you can maximize your margins without impacting the quality of the food you are selling to your members. It remains an amenity while also being profitable for your business.

The Right Food Manufacturing Partner for Your Country Club

Culinary Specialties wants to help your country club offer the best food without having to hire a professional chef or expand your kitchen equipment. Call 760.744.8220 to learn more about our food offerings, or you can request a quote for your custom order online.