Instantly Better Sausages for Your Hospitality Business 1

Instantly Better Sausages for Your Hospitality Business

October is just around the corner, and people associate that with Oktoberfest! That means you better have the beer on tap and some great sausages ready to serve. Culinary Specialties makes it easy by offering over a dozen varieties of heat and serve sausages that have been individually quick frozen for optimal quality. Here’s a small sampling.

  • Brats – You can’t serve sausages without considering bratwurst. We offer Nuernberger brats as well as fresh and smoked bratwursts to meet your grilling needs. Nuernberger bratwursts combine veal and pork for the perfect blend of flavor and texture. Fresh brats are made from the best pork and seasoned to perfection. Our smoked bratwursts provide just the right punch of smokiness.
  • Classic Sausages – When you don’t want to mess with a classic, we offer all of the traditional sausages you need. From andouille to Bernese, we can keep your guests satisfied. The andouille sausage provides just the right tang from the cider vinegar. The Bernese is packed with delicious Swiss cheese and wrapped in succulent bacon.
  • Knackwurst – Our knackwursts combine pork and beef in just the right ratios. Then we hit it with our spice blend to ensure an experience that is traditionally German.

Partner Up With Culinary Specialties for a Simple and Delicious Service

Make it easy on your kitchen staff with delicious heat and serve foods from Culinary Specialties. Everything is made in our ultra-safe prep area and delivered with the proper temperature control to ensure delicious food for your hospitality business. Call 760.744.8220 today to get your order started, or you can request a quote from our site.