How to Welcome Back Convention Center Guests With Great Food 1

How to Welcome Back Convention Center Guests with Great Food

Hopefully, your convention center is back in full swing, even if you still have to take some additional precautions due to the ongoing pandemic. When you are welcoming back guests who may not have been to a convention in a couple of years, you want to be sure that they are well fed. Here are a few ways that Culinary Specialties is helping convention centers to provide great food with minimal stress on your facility.

  • Easy to heat and serve meals – Our individual freezing process makes it easy to reheat every food item to the right temp, even if you are dealing with minimal staff and prep areas.
  • Delicious and attractive menu items – The rapid freezing process locks in both flavor and appearance, so you end up with meals that taste and look good. Plus, we source food locally, so it already has better flavor because it is fresh.
  • Safety precautions – At Culinary Specialties, we take the utmost care to ensure the food we ship is safe when it leaves our facility and when it arrives at yours. We do this by employing guidelines from many governing organizations in the food industry, including the UDSA and FDA. We also watch for FDA and CDC recalls.

Ramp Up the Quality of Your Convention Center Food Offerings

Culinary Specialties can help you improve the quality of food for event attendees without requiring more staff or prep ability. Call 760.744.8220 today, or you can get your custom quote started online.