How Culinary Specialties Helps Simplify Country Club Food Service 1

How Culinary Specialties Helps Simplify Country Club Food Service

Country club members rightfully expect tasty food that can sustain them throughout a day at the club or that will impress any guests they bring along to the restaurant. How can you be certain to live up to the expectations of your members? Culinary Specialties can help simplify the process with our delicious heat and serve meals – preserved with our individually quick frozen (IQF) process. Here are some of the benefits of partnering up with us:

  • Enhanced flavor – The IQF process locks in taste and appearance. Thus, your members won’t even be able to tell that their meal had been frozen just a little while ago. Our food is sourced locally to ensure it is fresh at the time of preparation, and it still tastes that way when you reheat it.
  • Easy reheating process – Freezing meals individually allows your staff to heat them to the right temperature every time. The simple instructions will prevent you from serving a meal that is still frozen in the middle or that will be too hot to eat without injury.
  • Safety first – In this day and age, safety is the most important thing. Our team works in an ultra-safe environment that meets standards from numerous food safety organizations. This protects your members from illness as well as your reputation in the community.

Easy Meals for Your Staff – Delicious Meals for Members

Culinary Specialties is proud to help country clubs offer the best food with minimal prep time. Give us a call today at 760.744.8220 to get your custom order started, or you can request a quote online.