How Convention Centers Benefit from Individually Quick Frozen Meals

How Convention Centers Benefit from Individually Quick Frozen Meals

When a company or individual books a convention center for a private event, there is a lot of planning that is going on behind the scenes. Anything that can simplify that planning is good for the client. So you can understand why offering meals for your convention center renters would sweeten the deal. It saves a lot of time for the event planner who doesn’t need to source an outside catering company.

But what if you don’t want to install an all-new kitchen and hire one of the area’s top chefs? Here are the ways your convention center can benefit from individual quick frozen meals.

All of the Flavor, None of the Fuss

Consider some of the benefits you can get from partnering up with Culinary Specialties to feed eventgoers.

  • Easy preparation – Just heat and serve. You may already have the facilities and staff needed for these easy meal options.
  • Food that looks and tastes good – Individual quick freezing food locks in flavor and color, so you get to provide meals that look and taste like you just prepared them yourself.
  • Expanded menu options – Even if you already offer food at convention events, you can expand your meal options with our breakfast, appetizer, entrée, and salad items.

Easy to Prepare and Serve Convention Meals from the Pros

Culinary Specialties has been providing high-quality food at wholesale prices for over 2 decades. Our food is served by companies such as JW Marriott, the Four Seasons, and Disney. To learn what we can do for your convention center, call 760.744.8220 today, or you can request a quote via our website.