Better Hospital Food Without Increasing Labor Expense 1

Better Hospital Food Without Increasing Labor Expense

Hospitals realize the need to improve food quality. The main issue is the budget. You can’t bring in a chef to create culinary delights on the amount of money that hospitals have allocated for feeding patients, staff, and visitors. However, Culinary Specialties may just be the way that your medical facility changes the quality of the meals provided without breaking the budget.

IQF Heat and Serve Meals Are The Solution

Individually quick frozen (IQF) meals solve a problem that many medical facilities have when it comes to food. It provides you with delicious options that still have the flavor and appearance locked in through the quick freezing process. They are also simple to heat and serve because of the individual freezing process.

You get a higher quality of food prep in our ultra-safe environment. Plus, you get quality food via our local, sustainable sourcing. It’s an immediate quality boost without hiring more staff or expensive chefs. Your patients, staff, and visitors will all thank you for improving the quality of meals available at your facility.

Culinary Specialties Is Your Partner for Better Hospital Food

Could your hospital use a wholesale food partner to improve the quality of meals in the cafeteria and being delivered to patient rooms? Then you need to contact Culinary Specialties today! Speak with a food expert calling 760.744.8220, or you can peruse our online product list and request a custom quote via our website.

This is your opportunity to significantly improve the quality of the food at your medical facility while being able to maintain the same labor costs.