All of Your Family’s Favorite Appetizers in One Convenient Shop q

All of Your Family’s Favorite Appetizers in One Convenient Shop

Culinary Specialties is here to present your household with delicious heat and serve meals. That includes delightful appetizers that are perfect as starters or as snacks throughout the day. Here is a small sampling of favorites that we think your family will love.

  • Italian – From mini pizzas to pizza rolls to calzones, we’ve got all the best combinations of ways to eat bread, cheese, sauce, and toppings covered! For example, our Pepperoni Pizza Rolls use a puff pastry dough to house mozzarella, marinara, pepperoni, and just the right punch of oregano.
  • Asian – From lumpia to potstickers and Rangoon to wontons, we have all the best Asian treats. Lumpia is a type of spring roll that comes from the Philippines. But we don’t let that stop us from infusing flavors from the southwest US or Thailand to give them a modern spin. If you like to mix sweet and spicy, then go for our Firecracker Shrimp Lumpia that features a sweet chili sauce.
  • Southwestern – We have all of your favorite Tex Mex flavors in conveniently sized treats. Check out our empanadas, burritos, quesadillas, and taquitos. Whether you want a simple bean and cheese burrito or you want to try our top-shelf Lobster and Shrimp Burritos, we have a flavor to satisfy every craving.

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