A Quick Meal Doesn’t Have to Taste Like a Quick Meal q

A Quick Meal Doesn’t Have to Taste Like a Quick Meal

You’re busy. We understand you. The fact is that while 2020 seemed to drag on for many who were stuck at home, it seems like we have more to do than ever in 2021 (even if we are still stuck at home most of the time). When you need a quick meal, what is your go-to?

In the past, you may have equated quick meals with fast food. But perhaps that isn’t something you do as often during the pandemic. Now, instead of going out and donning a mask, you may prefer a quick meal in your home. That’s where Culinary Specialties can really save the day.

Our retail shop is filled with delicious heat and serve meals. Just head to the Grab-N-Go section to find delicious meals like these:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork – In just four to six minutes (depending on the strength of your microwave), you can enjoy the flavors of a delicious slow-cooked pulled pork meal. Roasted potatoes and creamed corn, the perfect sides, are included in this delicious meal.
  • Honey Mustard Salmon – Once again, this restaurant-quality meal can be ready in just minutes. Israeli couscous and a vegetable medley pair perfectly with this glazed fish.
  • Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breast – It’s all the flavors you expect from the Mediterranean – artichokes, spinach, feta, saffron, and sundried tomatoes.

Simple Heat and Serve Meals in Single Serving Containers

Enjoy your meal, even when you’re in a hurry! Culinary Specialties has the heat and serve meals you crave!