5 Grab-N-Go Lunch Options for Your Cafeteria 1

5 Grab-N-Go Lunch Options for Your Cafeteria

From colleges and businesses to hotels and hospitals, many organizations serve lunch cafeteria-style. Culinary Specialties has you covered with delicious Grab-N-Go boxes that span the globe when it comes to cuisine. Check out just five of our many options, sorted by the nation they were inspired by.

  • Italy – Chicken Marsala – Italy is known the globe over for their delicious cuisine. Our chicken marsala hits those Mediterranean notes that people crave.
  • Greece – Greek Salad – What makes a salad Greek? We include everything from feta cheese to kalamata olives to ensure an unmistakably Greek experience. Plus, this is a healthy and veggie-forward lunch option.
  • Korea – Korean Glazed Short Ribs – The flavors of Korean barbecue are sought after in America, and now you can deliver with a delightful Korean glazed short rib meal.
  • Mexico – Chicken Enchiladas – From the corn tortilla to the cheddar and jack cheeses, you get a lunch that provides a Tex-Mex appeal. The perfect accompaniments are the sides of rice and beans.
  • USA – Nothing screams American cuisine, especially in the south, like BBQ. Our pulled pork is slow-cooked and accompanied by a classic barbecue sauce, creamed corn, and roasted potatoes.

All of our Grab-N-Go meals are made fresh to order for your organization!

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