What Is the Difference Between Egg Rolls and Lumpia 1

What Is the Difference Between Egg Rolls and Lumpia?

The first thing to know is that both egg rolls and lumpia are types of spring rolls. A spring roll is an Asian wrap that is sometimes fried. You may have vegetables or meat in the wrap that is often made from either wheat or rice. What is the difference between egg rolls and lumpia?

  • Egg rolls – While springs rolls did get their start in China, egg rolls are totally an American thing (as are many of the dishes served at Chinese takeout restaurants in the US). Egg rolls are a crispy fried dough surrounding cabbage. There may also be other veggies or some meat in the roll. Because wheat and eggs are mixed to make the dough, egg rolls usually have a rather thick casing for the vegetables and meat.
  • Lumpia – Lumpia come from the Philippines. There is a wide array of rolls classified as lumpia. Some are fried, and others are not. Some are savory, and others are meant for dessert. Some are small, and others resemble an American-size burrito. If you’ve never had them before, Culinary Specialties is happy to introduce you by offering a wide variety of lumpia in our online retail shop.

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