Trends in the Catering Industry for 2020

Catering companies need to keep up with the times when it comes to trends in the industry. Some of the trends for 2020 will significantly affect your business, so you should get to know what the future holds now.

  • Sustainability is essential – If food isn’t sourced fresh, guests will know. How? They’re going to ask. People care more than ever about where their food comes from. That means sourcing your heat and serve foods from a vendor that uses local growers.
  • Customizable options – Food stations are one key thing that event planners are looking for. You also need to be able to accommodate various dietary restrictions. Again, a vendor that can provide this type of customization is a must.
  • Fermented foods are in – Whether it is kombucha on the drink table or kimchi as part of the meal, people are clamoring for fermented foods.
  • International menus – People expect a variety, and that can often mean ethnic favorites from around the globe. If you only serve classic American fare or just standard international foods like Mexican and Italian cuisine, now is the right time to expand your horizons in a culinary sense.

Upgrade Your Food to Stay on Trend in 2020

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