Trends in Food for Healthcare Facilities 1

Trends in Food for Healthcare Facilities

Health Care Without Harm released an infographic about healthy trends in food for healthcare facilities. Here are some of the main takeaways to show the direction your hospital should be going when it comes to sourcing your food.

  • More plant-based options – The number one healthy trend among hospital food, according to the report, is that 81% of facilities are reducing the amount of meat that they serve. This is being done for several reasons. There are more people who want to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet. Quality meat is growing increasingly expensive. And many doctors are suggesting that their patients eat less meat anyway.
  • Locally sourced food – More than three-quarters of facilities are trying to source more of their food locally. Right now, about 7% of hospital food budgets go on locally sourced foods.
  • Sustainability – Everyone is trying to save the planet. You can’t be in the business of saving lives and not be thinking about having a planet for them to live on. According to the research, about 72% of facilities are spending more of their food budget on sustainable options.

Additional trends in hospital food that were included in the infographic are better quality meat, community programs related to food, and hosting a farmers’ market.

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