Trends in Convention Center Meals 1

Trends in Convention Center Meals

As with other industries, trends for convention centers often relate to the ongoing pandemic. We’re going to provide you with some of the things that people expect from meals when they eat at a convention center. Then we’ll tell you how we’re helping convention centers to meet these ongoing trends.

  • Plant-based proteins – This one started before the pandemic, thanks to the vegan movement and concerns regarding the meat industry and climate change. However, the pandemic has added even more strain to the industry. With rising prices, more people than ever are turning to plant-based meals.
  • Global cuisine – People miss being able to travel internationally, and one of the things they miss the most is the food. They still want to enjoy a global cuisine but now realize they are going to have to find it closer to home.
  • To-go meals – People want to be able to take their meal in a to-go box so they can enjoy eating quietly off by themselves. They don’t want to be crammed together with dozens or even hundreds of people who all have to remove their masks to eat. Plus, this may not even be allowed depending on where your convention center is located and current pandemic regulations in place.

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