Meals that Meet the Expectations of Your Country Club Members

Meals that Meet the Expectations of Your Country Club Members

Your country club members want to be able to have a great meal regardless of whether they are grabbing a snack after a round of golf or spending holidays at the clubhouse restaurant with their family. So how can you be sure to provide an excellent meal every time while also being able to offer a number of appealing options?

Culinary Specialties Has What You Need

At Culinary Specialties, we simplify the process for executive chefs by offering individually quick frozen (IQF) menu items that can rapidly be heated and served. Your guests won’t be able to notice the difference between the delicious appetizers and entrees from a freshly prepared meal. What are the advantages of IQF preparation?

  • Easy portioning – Portions are not stuck together. It is simple to make one portion for the table or several, depending on the number of orders you receive.
  • Consistent flavor – When meals are individually quick frozen, they retain their color and flavor. You can be confident that every meal you serve will be just as good as the last.
  • Safety – Everything is pre-cooked, so there is no room for error in your kitchen. You just have to be sure to purchase your IQF meals from a reputable source like Culinary Specialties where we follow strict guidelines in food preparation, packaging, and transport to ensure you are always serving a safe meal to your members.

Improve Your Country Club Efficiency Today

IQF meals from Culinary Specialties are the fast and easy way to improve the efficiency and quality of your restaurant meals. Give us a call at 760-744-8220 to discuss which options will best meet your business model, or you can request a quote online.