Making Breakfast a Valuable Hotel Guest Add-On 1

Making Breakfast a Valuable Hotel Guest Add-On

Hotel guests want packages to be more customizable than ever before. Offering breakfast as an add-on can provide value for travelers who prefer this service. How can you provide the best breakfast service without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t skimp on coffee quality – If the coffee is bad, hotel guests are going to have to stop for another cup on the way to their day’s activities. This will significantly diminish the value added by the breakfast service in the minds of travelers.
  • Offer some grab-n-go options – Not everyone wants to sit in the dining room. In part, this is due to the pandemic. But some travelers may also have a busy day planned. They want breakfast but don’t have time to sit around. On the go breakfast options allow your guests to take something back to the room or even with them on the road. A breakfast burrito is a perfect solution!
  • Give guests a protein boost – Many hotel breakfasts are very carb-heavy. Adding in protein-rich options can provide better solutions for guests who are trying to reduce carbs in their diet or who aren’t planning on being very active for the day. Of course, you will still want hikers and sightseers to be able to carbo-load, so they have the energy for a long day on their feet.

Simple Breakfast Solutions for Your Hotel

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