How IQF Meals Provide Better Food at Wholesale Prices

From hotels to country clubs to catering services, Culinary Specialties is helping the hospitality industry to provide clients with better food without an increased need for prep space and labor costs. Part of the way we do this is by offering wholesale menu items that are individually quick frozen (IQF). How does the IQF process benefit our customers? Here are a few things you should know.

  • Preserving taste and appearance – When you quickly freeze food, it locks in the look and flavor of the meal. This is essential to our business model because it preserves the freshness that comes from locally sourced food that is prepared by hand. The vibrant colors, the nutritional value, and the taste are all preserved.
  • Easy to heat and serve – The individual packaging makes it easier to ensure that each item is heated to the proper temperature so that your guests never receive food that isn’t up to the standards of what should be coming out of your kitchen. You don’t need a high-tech prep area and a high-end chef to make the meals come out right.
  • Ultra-safe manufacturing practices – We follow the guidelines from not one but nine different governing organizations to ensure the meals you order are safe for your patrons.

Partner with Culinary Specialties for Quality Wholesale IQF Food

Culinary Specialties is proud to offer our safe, delicious, and convenient menu items to our clients at wholesale prices. To learn more, give us a call today at 760.744.8220, or you can submit our online contact form to get your quote started.