Get Sustainable Meals for Your Hospitality Business 1

Get Sustainable Meals for Your Hospitality Business

Whether you run a hotel, airline, country club, or any other hospitality business, food plays an important role. One of the things that is trending most when it comes to food is sustainability. What is Culinary Specialties doing to help our partners meet this growing want and need?

  • We support local growers – By sourcing our food locally, when possible, we boost the farming community economically. Shopping with local growers also ensures that we are using the freshest food, and that translates into the best flavor and nutritional value.
  • Recycling – At our prep facility, we work hard to recycle any waste that can possibly be reused.
  • Energy conservation – Our prep facility uses LED lighting in booth our processing rooms and in our coolers to minimize our energy footprint. We also have our lighting connected to motion sensors and timers so that the lights are never left on when not in use.
  • Training and education – To meet our sustainability goals, we ensure that our employees are well-educated in sustainable practices.
  • Alternative products – Many food manufacturing companies use hazardous materials at their facilities. We make every effort to substitute safer options to protect our staff, customers, and the planet.

You can learn more about our sustainability goals and efforts here.

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