Catering Trends to Know About in 2022 1

Catering Trends to Know About in 2022

You might assume that all of the trends in catering are being set by the pandemic. However, that’s not entirely true. Let’s take a look at what clients want to see at events in the new year.

  • Drinks and hors d’oeuves – Rather than large sit-down meals, many gatherings are opting for more of a “cocktail hour” spread. Therefore, you may want to look into more small bites and appetizers for your menu.
  • Sustainable catering – Zero-waste is the big buzzword in hospitality. How can you do your part and appease clients? Be sure to use washable and reusable tableware or sustainable disposable items. Source your food locally or from a manufacturer that sources their food locally and uses sustainable practices at their prep facility.
  • Offer plant-based options – More and more people are trying out the vegan lifestyle or are vegan for health reasons. And this is not the only specialty option you need to consider. If you are asked to provide gluten free food, you need to think about how to do so without cross-contamination just in case someone at the event has Celiac disease (which is not as unlikely as you may think since it impacts more than 1% of Americans).

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