Catering Trends During the 2021 Calendar Year 1

Catering Trends During the 2021 Calendar Year

The catering industry certainly took a hit during the pandemic, and things are still slowly recovering. Many of the trends in the industry are a direct result of the ongoing pandemic. What do clients expect from catering companies, and what should you expect from events at this time?

  • Transparency – Clients want to know everything that you are doing in terms of safety. You need to build trust in order to get bookings. Everything from the safety of the staff to food safety measures should be disclosed.
  • Seating – You have to be ready for event seating to be more spread out. There may be fewer seats at each table. This means having to cover more distance when serving is a part of the package.
  • Sustainable – Along with the pandemic, people are thinking about climate change and the effect it is having on the planet. Keeping your menu sustainable is an important way to appeal to clients.
  • Local – This goes along with sustainability. People want to know that their food is being sourced locally. It both helps local growers and results in the freshest and best tasting meals.
  • Flexibility – Clients want to know that their deposit is safe if the pandemic results in last-minute changes due to governmental restrictions on gatherings.

The Wholesale Food Partners to Help Your Catering Company

Culinary Specialties offers easy to heat and serve foods as well as items that are prepared fresh daily. We abide by many safety guidelines from governing bodies in the industry, and we strive to source our food locally and sustainably. For more information or to partner with us, just call 760.744.8220, or request a quote online today!