Catering Menu Items to Expand Your Customers’ Options

Catering Menu Items to Expand Your Customers’ Options

Catering is all about convenience for the consumer. But in order to offer the right level of convenience, your catering company has to offer extensive menu options that are customizable to the needs of clients. Everything also needs to be delicious. If you are looking for some great ways to expand your menu without learning a whole bunch of new recipes, then Culinary Specialties has the solution for you.

Individual Quick Frozen Menu Items Event Attendees Will Love

If you have been in the catering sector very long, then you are probably already familiar with the benefits of individually quick frozen meal items. This method of packing food preserves the colors and flavors of the food while offering you the convenience of being able to reheat the meal in just about any kitchen space.

How can Culinary Specialties expand your catering menu options?

  • Appetizers – From Asian inspired starters like pot stickers, Rangoon, wantons, and dim sum to Southwestern specialties like taquitos, burritos, and empanadas, we can help you to expand your hors d’oeuvres menu and add ethnic dining
  • Entrees – Customizable options such as roulades and wellingtons with various meat and vegetable combos can help you to offer solutions to even the most selective guests. We also offer an extended vegetarian menu

Easy to Prepare, Hard to Forget

When you expand your catering menu with Culinary Specialties, you get the benefit of easy to prepare food that is delicious and creates a delightful experience for event guests. To learn more, contact us today at 760-744-8220, or you can request a quote from our website.