Attractive and Delicious Dessert Cups

Culinary Specialties is proud to support the hospitality industry with easy-to-serve menu items. Our dessert cups are a perfect example. They come individually sealed, so they are all ready to serve as individual portions. They look enticing in a display case or on a table at an event. From country clubs to catering services to hotels, these are delightful single-serving dessert options that are simple to implement.

Here are the flavor options available:

  • Tiramisu – This is the dessert that Italy is known for, and when a country so famous for food has a #1 dessert, you know it’s going to be a popular treat! Since it is already a layered dessert, putting it in a single-portion cup makes perfect sense.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – The beautifully vibrant color of the strawberries contrasted with the creamy cheesecake makes this dessert a must for any display.
  • Raspberry Double Chocolate – This one is for chocolate lovers! Raspberry is the perfect fruit pairing for this indulgent chocolate-forward dessert.
  • Lemon Cream – It’s a tangy lemon curd layered with whipped topping and moist vanilla cake crumbs. What’s not to love?
  • Apple Pie – We’ve taken the most traditional U.S. dessert and made it a stunning and portable delicacy.

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