Add the Flavors of Southern Italy to Your Hotel’s Menu

What most Americans think of as Italian food originated in the south of the country. From Naples all the way down to Sicily, some of the most delicious comfort foods come from this cuisine. If you want to improve the variety of your Italian dishes, Culinary Specialties can help. We have a diverse team using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to produce some of the best heat and serve meals available to hotel kitchens.

Here are some of our Italian menu items:

  • Arancini – These fried and stuffed risotto balls are a classic Sicilian street food. We offer Italian flavors like Parmesan while also providing options with our own spin on it.
  • Mini Pizza Appetizers – Mini pizzas are a great way to enjoy a delightful Italian food that’s already a favorite in the U.S. as an appetizer. We have seven unique flavor combinations. From classic margarita and Italian sausage to a mushroom medley or BBQ chicken, there is sure to be a flavor every guest will love.
  • Personal Calzones – Our customizable calzones are entrée size, but you can select your choice of filling. We offer several meat and cheese option as well as various veggies. Even the size of the calzones can be customized to meet your hotel restaurant’s needs.

Feed Your Guests Well Without All the Work

At Culinary Specialties, our goal is to provide your hotel with wholesale foods that are easy to heat and serve while still providing guests with the highest quality flavor and appearance. Learn more by calling us today at 760.744.8220, or you can request a quote online to get started.