3 Trends Caterers Need to Know About in 2023

Culinary Specialties is proud to support catering companies that want to keep up with the times. Here are a few trends we’ve spotted for 2023 events and some of the ways we can provide the support you need to stay current.

  • Sustainable and local sourcing is crucial – People are paying attention to the environment and to supporting local growers. The good news is that sustainable and locally grown foods usually taste better, too, so this is a win-win. Culinary Specialties is proud to source our food locally and to use sustainable practices in our prep facility.
  • Mushrooms are the new crowd-pleaser – With a shift away from meat for many people, mushrooms are providing that meaty flavor and texture. We offer a wide array of mushroom dishes, from a variety of stuffed mushroom appetizers to entrees that contain mushrooms as either a main or secondary ingredient. Conveniently, mushrooms also pair well with meat for customers who are staying on trend but not cutting out animal proteins.
  • Printed napkin menus – Okay, so this one we can’t help you out with. But we wanted to be sure our clients know that napkins with the menu printed directly on them are a trend to combine sustainability (less paper use by not having disposable menu cards) with class (providing each attendee with an elegantly printed menu).

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